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I am the co-organisor of the Cambridge PhD Clinic, a seminar series which brings together early career researchers from various disciplines to discuss interesting or pressing research issues.

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Citogenesis Project

The Citogenesis Project is an attempt to collate information about incorrect references in academic publications. Despite automated referencing checks by journals errors still occur and it can be tedious to find the correct article in a chain of circular references. So if you've come across incomplete or incorrect references please submit them here.
The citogenesis database can be searched here using Google Query Language.
The columns are as follows:
B = item containing the error (DOI)
C = incorrectly referenced item (DOI)
E = correct reference (DOI)
So if you would like to know whether the article you are currently reading has already been submitted as containing an erroneous reference enter B contains 'DOI' into the field and the search will display all entries with that DOI.


Here is the URL for that query: ,