Projects and Interests

Sensorimotor Processing

My research explores sensorimotor integration and somatosensation in autism spectrum conditions. In particular I aim to understand how optimal control and predictive processes may differ in individuals with autism spectrum conditions and how those can be related to the observed phenotypic heterogeneity. If you live close by and would like to take part in studies please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Psychometrics and Assessments

Using diagnostic and other assessment tools has sparked my interest in psychometrics and measurement theory. I've used item response theory and structural equation modelling to investigate some of these questions. My current online survey about personality traits can be found here.

tVNS and Autonomic Processes

We are interested in using virtual environments to investigate the effects of transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation on autonomic processes (cardiac and respiratory mechanisms) and behaviour.

Autism: Behind the Mask

As a follow-up of the EU-funded project Autism in Pink, we are now investigating the needs, quality of life and experiences of women on the autism spectrum in the UK.

Neurodiversity and Research Ethics

Recent years have seen an increased awareness of the cultural and ethical challenges in autism research and the unease within the autism community with regard to the perceived attitudes of scientists conducting research into autism spectrum conditions. I'm interested in this apparent 'rift' and the interactions between researchers and volunteers.

Visual Perception and Hallucinations in Psychosis

I also help out with research on the computational and neurobiological basis of visual hallucinations drawing from both psychophysics as well as computer vision paradigms.

Eating Behaviour

I am involved with the SPICE project which investigates the hormonal, behavioural and neural contributions to eating behaviour.

Past Projects

Memory and Self-Projection

I have also done some work on the cognitive link between prospection (thinking about the future) and mentalising in individuals with ASC as a way to investigate various forms of mental self-projection.